Monday, March 21, 2011

technology is unnecessary to revolution, therefore unimportant, says professor

"This is the globalisation of revolution, and these are the histories within which the Tunisian example belongs, the example that so inspired the Egyptian people. News of it might as well have arrived in Egypt by caravan as by fiber optic cable, it would still have been electric, the very idea that the solitary stand of a fruit seller could bring down the big men. The agency was human, the act political."

Dr. Barkawi misses the point of ICA.  Technology is a tool that makes revolution easier. It is not a necessity nor a guaranteed game-winner. Like-minded people can meet and link up much more easily. Organizing is quicker and cheaper.  Useful information is passed on instantly instead of by boat, as happened in his examples. Aren't these important advantages to starting and running a revolution?  Dr. Barkawi wants to dismiss technology because it was people who win revolutions, not technology.  Well, then, are you suggesting that people not use the tools they have available?  I really don't get the point here.

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