Tuesday, March 1, 2011

some more thougtful articles


I don't really think Al Jazeera was much more in the know about when future protests were coming than anyone else. Heck, even the protesters wouldn't have known when the right spark would come along, at the same time that they were equipped and prepared to move.  But Al Jazeera is much better at actually getting out into the community to see what's going on rather than U.S. media, which prefers to let officials and corporations tell them what's going on.


"Social media alone did not facilitate the Arab Revolution, but was a successful catalyst when combined with myriad methods of digital and traditional media. Technological advances like cell phones, video cameras, blog posts and Facebook, in conjunction with more traditional media outlets like Al Jazeera, created the circumstances for such effective information dissemination."

This article makes a great point that only a small percentage of people in the countries now in revolution have ever been on the Internet.  But they explain how Al Jazeera TV and just printing pamphlets of things from the net reach the bigger percentage of people.  So I'd still say these revolutions are Internet collective actions because their main source of information, as was Al Jazeera's, comes from the Internet.

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