Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anonymous goes forth

I got interested in ICA from my study of Project Chanology, the branch of Anonymous that took on the Church of Scientology beginning in 2008.  I didn't make any predictions about the future of Anonymous, but I did predict more ICA.

So where is Anonymous 3 years later?  In the news like crazy. Mostly, they've been Ddosing things like Visa and Paypal for dissing Wikileaks.  They've exposed HBGary after their head Aaron Barr threatened to out the "leaders" of Anonymous.  They've helped Iranian, Egyptian, and other revolutions.  So they've been active, which you can follow somewhat hereProject Chanology has been plugging along with their monthly protests and informational programs to expose Scientology.

Anonymous has mostly maintained their anonymity.  One "member" named ColdBlood went on BBC radio, and was summarily outed, then raided for alleged DDosing activity.  Gregg Housh did some media interviews saying he was in touch with Anonymous, not a member himself (the media didn't catch this sometimes).  Others have come forward doing two things Anonymous is not supposed to do; 1) lose your anonymity and 2) talk about Anonymous.  But the anonymity is still a major feature of Anonymous.

Project Chanology's survival after three years is impressive, since Scientology hammered away at quite a few anons, outing them, trying to get them in legal trouble, etc.  It just goes to show that leaderless movements can survive quite a while.

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