Saturday, March 19, 2011

butthurt over leaderfaggotry!5783173/inside-anonymous-secret-war-room

Two ex-Anons have released chat logs from an Anonymous chat room during the time of the HBGary actions.  They seem to indicate that a few of the participants there have claimed leadership roles to one degree or another. My guess is that this is really why the ex-Anons got pissed off enough to try to expose the participants of this chat room.

"While Anonymous describes itself as a leaderless collective, the #HQ channel had a clear head honcho, a hacker who goes by the name of Sabu who claims credit for conducting the HBary hack."

When I was researching Anonymous I never went to the chat rooms so have little knowledge on the subject.

This article and another on the Forbes blog indicate to me the problem of being leaderless.  First, some nutjobs can claim they are acting on behalf of the group when in fact the group hates what they are doing.  Secondly, anyone who tries to directly or indirectly assume leadership pisses off a lot of the other activists, leading to the above.  It's all pretty tricky and chaotic. As Kevin Kelly's book Out of Control shows, if you have ICA you will be close to chaos.  But that's ok.

As for what to do with "leaderfags" this article shows what I've seen done in Project Chanology, you beat down the guy claiming to be a leader.  In a collective action, you're all equal, or else.

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