Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stand Alone Complex

I really like the Ghost in the Shell anime.  There are 3 movies and a TV series.  Basically it's a ways in the future, and humans and cybernetic beings are becoming more and more alike.  Humans have cyber parts, and cyber beings have minds quite close to human.  So do the cyber beings have souls?  And do the humans with cybernetic replacement parts still have a soul?

   But I digress (but still watch the movies!).  One important concept in the series is the stand alone complex.  I don't get it completely, but basically it's like a meme that starts which then gets picked up and runs viral through society.  People pick up the idea and copy it.  This isn't exactly ICA, but it is a sort of collective action in that people spread an idea throughout society until it is accepted as fact.  Here's a video that tries to explain it a bit:

   If nothing else, it's a great program. Enjoy.

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