Friday, March 18, 2011

peer to peer (P2P) and ICA

This web site I think over-reaches with its views of what all peer-to-peer actions can accomplish. But I'd like to just point out P2P as related to Internet collective action.  I heard of peer-to-peer as a computer networking system, but apparently some people are using this term for social networking as well.  Something to look into.

Here's a more clear-cut explanation:

"The second requirement is alternative information and communication systems which allow for autonomous communication between cooperating agents."

"The third requirement is the existence of a 'software' infrastructure for autonomous global cooperation. A growing number of collaborative tools, such as blogs and wiki's, embedded in social networking software facilitate the creation of trust and social capital, making it possible to create global groups that can create use-value without the intermediary of manufacturing or distribution by for-profit enterprises."

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