Sunday, November 20, 2011

thoughts from a pre-Internet activist

I'll paraphrase his 10 points as best I can, with my thoughts in parentheses:

1. Organize (or at least I think that's his point)
2. Any leadership positions are temporary and recallable (Anonymous can ignore this one)
3. Struggle against the media's propensity to define you by one small piece of you
4. the movement should be completely transparent from top to bottom
5. as your movement grows, eventually you'll need to switch from consensus to representative organization (my advice is, struggle hard to not get that complex that you need this switch)
6. work with like-minded already existing groups
7. Include the unemployed and poor, but understand they will need help as they help you
8. Seek to spread the movement geographically
9. Invite the unions, but understand their natural political prejudices
10. Speak the language of your audience. Don't talk over anybody or use insider language when you are reaching out to the public.

Whew.  After I read this article I liked the points, but trying to bare-bones what the author is saying is harder than I thought it would be.  All in all these are common sense ideas. 

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