Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupy Denver shows a weakness in ICA; interlopers


"'We see two elements within the crowd,' he said. 'There are clearly people committed to the cause, but others who are obviously out to start trouble.'
A man arrested Saturday for allegedly knocking a police officer off his motorcycle appeared to have little connection to the protesters who keep the effort alive. John Sexton, 33, remained in jail Monday in lieu of $20,000 bail, facing a charge of second-degree felony assault on an officer."

I've always wondered why Scientology didn't infiltrate our protests with firebrands who would demand that we resort to violence or property destruction. Fortunately it never happened.  Meanwhile, the Occupy Denver group has such people who have an individual agenda that they want to use the group to hide behind.  The best way I know to deal with this is for the group to make it abundantly clear that anyone who promotes violence or destruction is not part of the group. Point them out to police. Try to isolate them in marches or rallies by simply keeping a distance from them. When they do something wrong, point them out and yell "shame!"

Quitting is a very last resort. If the good people quit, then what's left?  The idiots.  Please stay in and fight for the good, both for the cause and for the local movement.

 Meanwhile, here's a great OWS blog to keep up with things;


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