Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How OWS almost wasn't


"The decision to relocate to Zuccotti Park was made 'on the fly' according to Justin Wedes, a member of the New York General Assembly, because of fears that they were about to be 'kettled' by police.
Zuccotti Park was simply the nearest of the five back-up locations the Assembly's "tactics team" had picked out, although there was concern that it would not be big enough.
Once the protesters had 'flooded' into the park, says Mr Wedes, he grabbed a megaphone and asked everyone to sit down in what he describes now as the 'first act of occupation' but there were still fears among the crowd that they would be evicted before they had a chance to pitch their tents."

Meticulous plans don't guarantee success.  Flexible planning might help, but it's no guarantee either, as OWS shows.  The trick is to get out there and try.  Do your best, stay flexible, get ideas from all sides, and keep plugging away.  If you want to accomplish something you have to actually go do it, whether you're sure it will work or not.

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