Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Silent Treatment after you got the Pepper Spray Treatment

"In the video above, UC Davis students, silent, with linked arms, confront Chancellor Linda Katehi just one day after the incident. It's hard to tell exactly how many of them are present, but there they are, a huge crowd. They're seated in the same cross-legged-on-the-ground position their fellow students were yesterday just before Lt. John Pike pulled out a can of pepper spray and pulled the trigger.
Note that Katehi remains silent during what looks like her perp walk. She does not acknowledge the presence of the students. And yet, within an hour she was live on CNN explaining away the pepper-spray incident to host Don Lemon, who had to cut her off a few times because her responses were so long-winded."

I'm sort of dumbstruck by this video in many ways.  The self-control, the brilliance, the  poignancy of the moment by using silence, and sitting in the way those who had been pepper sprayed were sitting; this just amazes me.  It was like the students saying to the dean, here, you can pepper spray us now.  Go ahead.  You had the cops do it to us yesterday.

When I hung out with Anonymous as they protested Scientology, it gave me hope for our future.  When I see much of what is coming out of OWS, I am again moved to great optimism.

Yes, a lot of this is due to new technology and how people are using it. But from this video you can see that it is still the spirit of the people that is the most important ingredient.  And these students have that in spades.

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