Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OWS figures how to deal with provocateurs

"When confronted with a rabble-rouser, protesters use a technique they call de-escalation, talking provocateurs down or putting their bodies between people throwing punches. In tenser situations, they have encircled troublemakers and ushered them to the edge of the park, one time while yelling “get out, get out,” another time while chanting “om.” But several times, people who have been kicked out or arrested have returned."

I like this. It's a passive way to deal with people who want to disrupt the movement or turn to violent means.  It's good to see OWS working through these problems and coming up with nonviolent solutions.  It's also interesting to see that OWS can accomplish quite a bit without any hierarchical structure.  That does not mean there isn't a need for structure, just not a vertical chain of power.

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