Wednesday, November 2, 2011

some quotes from a good book

some quotes from A Movement of Movements, edited by Tom Mertes, 2004

"We have not come to lead you, we have not come to tell you what to do, but to ask for your help." [Subcomandante Marcos, p. 7]

"Our analysis of the farmers' movements of Latin America and Brazil taught us that whenever a mass movement was subordinated to a party, it was weakened by the effects of inner-party splits and factional battles.  It was not that we didn't value parties, or thought it wrong to join them.  But the movement had to be free from external political direction." [Joao Pedro Stedile, p. 21]

"Our success or failure should be defined by the vision of the world we develop, and the kind of solutions for it we offer, rather than by whether we can tactically out-manoeuvre the most powerful combined police forces in the world..." [John Sellers, p. 184]

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