Monday, September 19, 2011

Libya's Gaddafi used French surveillance system on activists

"EAGLE is therefore able to aggregate, in an automatic fashion, email and physical addresses, telephone numbers, photos of suspects, but also to make automatic searches by date, hour, telephone number, email address, keyword, localization…
EAGLE 'regroups all intercepted data in a single data center, which enables you to obtain a clear idea of your target’s different activites,' to geolocalize them, to graphically reconstitute their social networks, to analyze their semantics, to retranscribe and translate automatically telephone conversations…"

Perhaps the Anonymous model for activists is more useful than it might seem at first blush.   If a government or organization can collate your information and activities this easily, and the result of being caught speaking out is torture and death, then I'd say hide your identity as well as you can. 

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