Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Iran blocks TOR. TOR makes fix same day


"Yesterday morning (in our timezones — that evening, in Iran), Iran added a filter rule to their border routers that recognized Tor traffic and blocked it. Thanks to help from a variety of friends around the world, we quickly discovered how they were blocking it and released a new version of Tor that isn't blocked. Fortunately, the fix is on the relay side: that means once enough relays and bridges upgrade, the many tens of thousands of Tor users in Iran will resume being able to reach the Tor network, without needing to change their software."

TOR is used to help maintain anonymity when you're on the internet.  This is helpful for activists working against repressive regimes.  The regime, like Iran, of course wants to know what the activists are doing and saying.  So a battle to keep activists safe is going on.

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