Friday, July 15, 2011

How Syrian protesters are using ICA

"These are the two layers of the movement - the people on the ground who organise day-to-day events at a local level; and the online community which helps give the protests a sense of cohesion on a national level.
'Those of us online are not actually organising the demonstrations, but helping people on the ground to stay connected,' said one cyber activist in Damascus, speaking to the BBC on Skype. He asked to not to be named for safety reasons.
'We help the people in Deraa, for example, to know that they're not alone in their demonstrations,' he added."

This article explains how the people on the ground and the people online work together. 

"'[The protest movement] started online and on Facebook, but now Facebook is really just 1% of the movement,' said Mr Nakhle, chain smoking in a Beirut cafe, his blue eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep."

So it is possible that ICA can be a small but still significant portion of a movement.

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