Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another reminder not to oversell ICA; Egyptian protesters fight claims of responsibility

"The reality of the uprising in Tunisia is that it was sparked by a young man, Mohamed Bouazizi, who lit himself on fire, because that was the only form of protest he had left to use. The reality of the uprising in Egypt is that it was sparked by a young man, Khaled Said, who was brutally beaten to death in an alleyway, while people watched, helpless as he begged for his life.
So with that in mind, it’s no surprise that the Wikileaks parody ad that seemed to be taking a bit of credit for the Egyptian revolution has sparked outrage among Egyptian activists."

This is a good article about corporations and journalists trying to give some credit  for the successful Egyptian revolution when they deserve little or none.  It behooves us to listen to the actual activists for the real history of what caused the uprising.

That being said, ICA was still a popular and useful tool for the revolution. Whether the revolution would have succeeded without it, is probably an unknown. the people were ready so I suppose they would have used whatever tools were available, whether it was ICA or human couriers or whatever.

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