Monday, August 10, 2015

A How-To for collective action

"Key Learning: Elements of ‘Open-source’ Principals
Principles that can be applied to campaigns and movement building:
  1. Action Worthy Problem & Solution: Does it matter to enough people? Is the solution you propose realistic and effective?
  2. Replicate > Repeat > Innovate = Anti-fragile: Instead of sticking to a multi-year strategic plans, establish an initial plan of action and create room for experimentation, even failure and error.
  3. Tiered Decision-Making: Recognizing specialization, respecting local leadership and decentralized responsibilities.
  4. Clear Purpose: Open-source campaigns function best with clear purpose, frame, values that serve as basic parameters.
  5. Point of Entry: Network weaving provides points of entry to the bigger picture and broader objectives beyond the local context or immediate policy demand (i.e. a national message or national/ international day of action)."
I haven't digested this yet but some good ideas here.

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