Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Impossible" seeks to have people help each other, one year old

"What is impossible?
A global community who help each other out. People share their time, skills and objects.

Build valuable profiles —
impossible gives you a place to record your acts of kindness (complementing your LinkedIn/Facebook profiles). We reckon it’s easier getting a job or a partner or a friend if people know how kind you are.

Thanks currency -
impossible users earn Thanks when they give to one another, a social currency that can be used with some impossible partners.

Is Impossible a business or a charity?
Impossible is a social business which means that no private dividends are allowed, and 100% of profit goes back into Impossible."

This has been going for a year and I just found out about it.  Lily Cole started it.  Seems to have a good reputation.

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