Thursday, November 15, 2012

Collective Action toolkit from Frog

"Informed by this experience, Sherwin and Fabricant set out to build a book of directives that could lead anyone, anywhere, through the problem-solving process. The team found inspiration in their own office, looking at how Frog had tackled problem solving with its own clients. '“What we’ve seen when we work with startups is that actually, when you start designing, you learn things along the way that change your view of the problem you’re trying to solve.' In other words, the CAT is non-linear. Activities range from Find Issues, Uncover Needs (a guide to doing research in your community) to Lights, Camera, Action! (a guide to putting on skits to pitch solutions to a large group of people). Each activity ends with a return to a core focus: clarifying your goal, again and again, as your project progresses."

I didn't know this was a cultural thing. I figured brain-storming was just a common human method of getting things done.  Huh.

Here's the free kit!

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