Thursday, March 8, 2012

Consensus; still a problem

"We, the GA Procedures Committee, propose that Occupy Denver move from passing votes by 2/3 majority to a super majority of 9/10. In this way, proposals would only pass when 9/10 people voting support it.
  • This will ensure that decisions made are supported by most people involved. In this way, decisions are more likely to be effectively carried out. The process of coming to consensus on decisions will facilitate fuller collaboration in designing the decision.
  • They are also less likely to be highly divisive.
  • It will also enable the group to more seriously consider the opinions of dissenting voices and come to agreements that reconcile with these perspectives."
When your organization is leaderless, decisions are made by consensus.  Personally, I think the Occupy General Assemblies waste a whole ton of time. But the goal is at the end, pretty much everybody has had their say and will go along with what the group in general thinks.  But still people get butthurt.  So I think this 9/10 idea is fine, even though it might make decision-making even more snail-paced.

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