Monday, January 9, 2012

Eyes in the sky for OWS!

"'It doesn’t need to be doing aggressive dogfighting maneuvers,' said Shapiro. 'All it needs to do is hover and take a proper picture.' Instead of relying on constant commands from the ground, the zeppelin and copter will dial in periodically for updates.
An example would be: ascend to an altitude of 40 feet, move to specific GPS coordinates, position the camera at a shot angle of 12 degrees down, face northwest, and pan back and forth 30 degrees at 12 degrees per second. It’s more like directing a camera operator than being a flyboy.
That mellow flight pace allows people to easily take turns with the craft –if they want to or if they need to.
'Even if one operator is compromised, another operator can spring right back up,' said Shapiro."

I ordered a more sophisticated quadrocopter than the Parrot talked about here. It will be able to lift a more robust camera, if I ever get comfortable enough with my flying abilities, that is.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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