Thursday, August 11, 2011

People tired of government dilly-dallyiing, do it themselves

"In the months since the catastrophe, the Japanese government, its nuclear watchdogs and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), have provided differing, confusing, and at times contradictory, information on critical health issues. Fed up with indefinite data, a group of 50 volunteers decided to take matters, and Geiger counters, into their own hands. In April, an independent network of like-minded individuals in the Japan and United States banded together to form Safecast and began an ongoing crusade to record and publish accurate radiation levels around Japan. The group handed out mobile radiation detectors and uploaded the readings to the internet to map out exposure levels. "

While this doesn't say that Safecast organized on the internet, they are certainly making use of it.  When a government does not do it's job, now it's getting easier for the people to rise up and do it themselves.

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