Friday, December 31, 2010

"The Internet Is Here" article about Project Chanology

A challenger appears to my article on Project Chanology ( that is newer and fresher!


What makes Chanology so compelling is ultimately not why they protest, but rather how they protest. The combination of culture, memetic information, humor, and real world activism defied both reprisal from the Church of Scientology and the typical modes of activism employed by social movements. Chanology provides an exciting new model of social movement organization as well as a fascinating fusion of online and offline cultures. The skillful integration of online communications technologies and the memetic grounding of Chanology have made it particularly well suited to a world in which the divisions between online and offline are increasingly ephemeral. The ability of Anonymous to successfully engage in action against a much more powerful organization in the Church of Scientology while managing to remain anonymous and avoid retaliation should be of great interest to those concerned with the ability of disempowered groups to mount meaningful resistance against more powerful groups."

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